Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de los Muertos

Halloween is a big deal in our family.  The last few years our group costumes have been a big hit.  This year with everything that is going on with my dad, we had pretty much decided not to dress up.  Very last minute we decided to give Dia de los Muertos a go.  Since the biggest part of this costume is makeup, that was all on me.  Natalie fashioned a great headpiece for her and spats for Steele.  Steele got together some great accessories for his costume.  We had some time before we were due at our family party, so we went to the cemetery to take some pictures.  I think overall the effect was great.

Makeup station

A bit of prep work

Natalie (makeup - 2 hours)

Steele (and cane)

It was at this point that security came and told us that we couldn't take pictures at the cemetery.  He was quite nice, and told us if we went where no one could see us, and if we were quick about it, we could continue our shoot.

Halloween 2011

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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I have NO IDEA what Dia de los Meurtos is. However, that makeup looks A-mazing! I always look forward to seeing your family's Halloween garb. I'm sad you're parents didn't get to be a part of it this year. :'( I hope your Dad is doing better.